The resignation of Robert Jenrick as immigration minister dominates the front pages on Thursday.

The Daily Express and the i focus their front pages on Mr Jenrick, who quit as immigration minister in revolt over the Prime Minister’s Rwanda migrant deal.

The Times runs with a quote from Mr Jenrick, who claims the “Rwanda Bill is doomed” as Rishi Sunak faces a right-wing revolt within the Conservative Party.

The Daily Telegraph splashes with a warning for Mr Sunak, who has been told his migrant plan places the Conservative Party in “electoral oblivion” with hardliners adding the Rwanda deal is “fatally flawed”.

The Financial Times labels Mr Sunak’s attempt to unite the Tories with the Rwanda Bill as an “implosion” that has seen the Conservative Party descend into chaos.

The Guardian, The Independent and the Daily Mail all focus their fronts on the Tory infighting and turmoil now rocking the party in the wake of Mr Jenrick’s resignation.

Elsewhere, the Metro and the Daily Mirror both lead with stories on Boris Johnson’s appearance at the Coronavirus inquiry, at which the “teary” former prime minister apologised to the families of deceased virus victims.

The Daily Star also chose to run a piece on Mr Johnson’s appearance at the Covid-19 inquiry, comparing the former prime minister to Pinnochio.

Meanwhile, The Sun says The Weakest Link presenter Anne Robinson has been secretly dating Queen Camilla’s ex, Andrew Parker Bowles, for the past year.