WhatsApp users have been sent an urgent warning from tech experts over scam fears.

WhatsApp is part of Mark Zuckerberg’s social media empire which includes Facebook and Instagram and is used by millions worldwide.

But the global messaging service has a loophole which could mean your account is at risk of being hacked.

Fraudulent scammers could gain access to private messages sent to family, friends and colleagues.

Now tech experts are warning users to remain vigilant.

@WABetaInfo is an independent portal where you can discover news and real-time updates about WhatsApp, according to its bio.

It tweeted: "WhatsApp is also working to bring end-to-end encrypted LOCAL backups on WhatsApp beta for Android!

“They were working on E2EE backups on Google Drive, but they will extend the feature for local backups as well. This feature will be available in a future update."



One social media user pointed out: “But the local backup stays local. So both ends are the local device. Thus if it wasn’t end to end encrypted it wasn’t encrypted at all.”

Chats within the WhatsApp app are end-to-end encrypted which means all of your messages are private unless authorities have a warrant to access your account.

Google Drive, which works like the cloud, is highly susceptible to hacking.

Fraudsters have been known to use cloud storage systems to bypass security, tech experts warn.