The girl group Sugababes are now confirmed to reunite at Glastonbury 2022, with the original trio of Keisha Buchanan, Mutya Buena and Siobhan Doherty being involved.

As reported by The Sun, they had planned to make their comeback last year but due to tricky schedules and worries surrounding the Covid pandemic they put it off.

Now they are set to appear on the Avalon Stage on June 24 alongside names such as Sir Paul McCartney, Diana Ross, Kendrick Lamar, Billie Eilish, Doja Cat and Megan McKenna.

Keisha told The Sun: “This is going to be something special for our fans. We can’t wait.”

The group are now in rehearsals, after their chance of meeting up together for their 20th anniversary tour was scuppered.

Leigh Journal: Keisha Buchanan (right), Mutya Buena (centre) and Siobhan Doherty (Credit: PA)Keisha Buchanan (right), Mutya Buena (centre) and Siobhan Doherty (Credit: PA)

Siobhan was reluctant at the time to get into the studio with the girls after restrictions eased last year because she was extra cautious of Covid-19 due to her young son.

During an Instagram Live at the weekend, Keisha admitted: “We had so many plans for last year. 

“2020 was our anniversary year, we built it up to do so many things but it didn’t happen, so we have to restructure.

“We just have to be motivated to do it and passionate about it and once we are actually in the studio it flows really easily for us. 

“But it’s about getting us all on the same page on the same date and the pandemic makes it really tricky.

“It just has to be organic and be on the same page as far as our schedules are concerned.”