A MUM has vowed never to shop in Leigh again after being slapped with a £60 parking fine.

Jackie McDougall parked in the Loom car park in Spinning Jenny Way on a family day out.

The family of five watched Avengers at Cineworld, had a meal at Frankie and Benny's and shopped in Tesco before returning home.

However three weeks on Mrs McDougall has received a letter saying she is to pay a £60 fine, which will be raised to £100 if she is not to pay within 14 days, for over staying the car parking time limit.

Ms McDougall from Heaton in Bolton said: "I am absolutely disgusted.

"There wasn't even a ticket on my car or anything so you can imagine my shock when I received the letter.

"I will never shop in Leigh again.

"I would rather spend the extra money in petrol and go to Middlebrook in Bolton.

"Apparently there are signs that say there is a limit but if there is they must be very small because I didn't see any.

"There isn't even a pay and display machine so they aren't even giving people the opportunity to pay.

"We spent just short of £200 on that family trip out and now we have been given another £60 to pay.

"It's disgusting it really is.

"I have contacted Andy Burnham because at the end of the day this just goes against all he is doing to try and get people to come back to Leigh.

"I will never shop there again."

The car park is privately operated by company Civil Enforcement Limited and gives parkers a five hour limit stay.

Frankie and Benny's General Manager James Stott says the parking limit is losing his business custom.

James added: "The parking is a big problem.

"They have recently increased it from four hours to five because of pressure from businesses.

"On average we get three guests a month that get a ticket- that’s almost one a week.

"It’s just not fair because these people are investing in business on the retail park and at the end of the day we pay our rent to be here but we are losing custom because of these parking fines.

"It’s the size of the signs as well, there are quite a few signs but they must only be A3 size.

"It’s like they are trying to catch people out.

"And there is no pay machine, if you want to stay after the time you have to pay by mobile and that isn’t right because not everyone has a mobile particularly elderly people.”

A spokesperson for Civil Enforcement Limited said: "Parking at The Loom on Spinning Jenny Way in Leigh is monitored by ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) cameras, and as such, overstays do not require on-foot wardens to issue PCNs.

"Vehicles exceeding the car park's free parking terms are automatically notified via post. The car park has a maximum 5 hour stay limit and this is detailed in the appropriate signage.

"Motorists are responsible for complying with the terms set out in any car park and should always check this prior to leaving their vehicle.

"It is not possible to pay for an extension beyond the free 5 hour stay allowance.

This particular motorist overstayed the car park’s maximum stay and was therefore correctly issued with a PCN.”