It was third time lucky for a father who inadvertently missed the birth of his first two children and then delivered his third on the bathroom floor.

Steve Denyer, 37, owner of Steve’s Auto Repairs Hove, had a shock last Sunday morning when his wife Kirsty, 35, went into labour at their Lancing home.

He had to deliver their third son, Ollie Junior, on the bathroom tiles.

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Steve said: “I was fast asleep when Kirsty got up to go to the bathroom and then her waters broke.

“She called out and I was still half asleep. When I got in there to help her I saw a little head was poking out.

“I called the ambulance and the woman on the phone asked me ‘have you delivered a baby before?’”

Steve spent the next half an hour on the phone with a dispatcher as they talked him through what to do.

A paramedic arrived on the scene to help Steve finish the birth of Ollie, who arrived just after 7am.

Ollie Junior is Steve and Kirsty’s third son. Mason, now 5, was born 11 weeks early and Steve missed the birth as he was confined to a hospital bed with appendicitis in the very same hospital.

Frazer, now three, was born five weeks early and during the birth Steve, who cannot stand the sight of blood, fainted.

He said: “Blood makes me go all funny, but I was entirely focused for Ollie’s birth and all that was going through my mind was making sure nothing would go wrong.”

Steve said when Ollie started crying he realised everything was OK.

His mother-in-law Shirley Baker added: “He had no choice but to be at the birth this time.”

The name Ollie Junior was the idea of the Denyers’ oldest son Mason.

Unable to decide on a name when she was pregnant, Kirsty and Steve referred to him as Junior until Mason suggested the name Ollie, so the two names were put together.

Steve and Kirsty both praised the work of the “amazing” ambulance service and dispatchers.