LEIGH'S Ashley Peyton (8-0) faced off against the tried and tested Jason Nesbitt at Welterweight over six rounds (10-190-4), writes Chris Glover.

Peyton started well against the durable Nesbitt, looking relaxed boxing on both the front and back foot in the opening stages.

Peyton's jab was good throughout the contest, keeping his experienced opponent at range and out jabbing him throughout.

The Leigh man began to open up more in the mid rounds, throwing three and four punch combinations which stopped Birmingham's Nesbitt in his tracks.

That theme continued into the latter stages as Nesbitt never really got into the fight whereas Peyton displayed quality and effective punching throughout.

The referee scored the contest 60-54 in favour of Leigh's Peyton who looked classy throughout the contest.

The Lancashire man will now look for titles this year and seems to be flourishing under trainer Johnney Roye at the MGM Manchester base and has targeted titles himself in 2016,

He said: "I'll hopefully look to box for a title on the next show, possibly June if Johnney feels it's right. Johnney has been great with me up to now and I can't thank him enough for what he has done for me.

"I want to thank all my fans for great support and getting behind me and making sure I stay undefeated. Without their support it wouldn't be possible."

Promoter, Trainer and Manager Johnney Roye shared his views on his protege Peyton's performance on Saturday evening,

"Ashley was relaxed and displayed some of the skills we have been working on in the gym. I'm happy with his performance and hopefully we can get him a title fight in the very near future."

Ashley Peyton featured on a card that saw stable mates Liam Conroy and Michael Ramabeletsa pick up British Challenge belts at Light Heavyweight and Super Bantamweight respectively.

There were also wins for Kofi Yates, Jason Silliet, Jordan Thompson, Adam Hague, Nathan Brough and Curtis Valentine.