KIERON Purtill has described as “a farce” rugby league’s 11th hour search for a solution to the game’s long-term future.

An Extraordinary General Meeting takes place tomorrow (Friday) when Super League, Championship, League One and community groups meet to thrash out a revamped league system for 2019.

A one-up, one-down proposal between Super League and the Championship is on the table and potentially a 14-team second tier.

But the final structure is uncertain due to a difference of opinion between Super League clubs and many others further down the food chain.

“It’s bizarre they are doing it this week when we only have a couple of games left in the season,” said Purtill whose own future, plus those of many Leigh players, remains up in the air.

“I don’t think it would happen in any other sport. Again, it creates a lot of uncertainty around recruitment and whether you are going to stay up or get relegated.

“If you look at Swinton and Rochdale, is it going to be one down? Two down ? It makes a big difference to those clubs.

“It’s been a bit of a farce. They need to find a structure and stick with it.

“They need to make a decision early in the year, not come the end of the season and start changing things.”

Purtill also hopes Leigh’s future can be sorted sooner rather than later.“It’s a nervous time for a lot of people,” he said.

“Being a full-time club, there is a real prospect a lot of people will be out of work in the next couple of weeks.

“The reality is once the Featherstone game (Championship Shield final, October 7) is done, people go away on holiday and take time off to recover.

“By then most people’s contracts will have run out. It is a bit nervous and unsettling, but we just have to get on with it.”

Purtill though agrees there are shafts of light in all the recent gloom including last Sunday’s debuts of Sam Peet and Brad Whelan plus the recent emergence of Mitch Cox.

All three are in contention for Sunday’s trip to Rochdale Hornets as is Jack Owens. But Rhys Evans (knee) and Jordan Dezaria (leg) are ruled out through injury.

“Brad played for Academy last year and has been training on and off with us for 12 moths in his own time,” added Purtill.

"Both he and Sam work full-time as does Mitch who couldn’t play last weekend due to work.

"Sam has been trying to nip out for an hour to training and then go back to work. They have put in lot of effort and time for the cause.

“All they have ever asked is a Leigh shirt with their name on the back.”