Astley & Tyldesley hosted the final match of the 2018 season, Round 4 of the Northern Fours League and Grands Prix series.

In the Fours League Group A match, Bury started the day one point ahead of Stockport, to contest overall first place in the series. However, Stockport came through to win the match on 48 points, with Northumbria second on 41 and Bury third on 35. Stockport, therefore overhauled Bury, to win the series by a single match point.

Northern Fours League Round 4 Group A match.

Stockport 48 Northumbria 41 Bury 35 Hull 32 .

The Group B match was another closely contested match. Astley & Tyldesley opened with two 7-3 heat wins, but were unable to seal the match until the last heat, drawing their remaining six races. Pawel Idziorek raced unbeaten for A&T.

Northern Fours League Round 4 Group B match.

Astley & Tyldesley 44 Sheffield 40 Heckmondwike 36.

A&T scorers: Pawel Idziorek 15 (plus 1 bonus), Kyle Holland 15, Ciaran Collins 7 (2), Mick Knowles 6, Mark Grantham 1.

Final Northern Fours League standings

Stockport 24, Bury 23, Astley & Tyldesley 21.5, Northumbria 16, Hull 15.5, Sheffield 7, Heckmondwike 5.

ASTLEY & Tyldesley took a fourth convincing series win in the Northern Junior League match to retain the title won last year.

A&T’s Duncan Whalley again raced unbeaten in the u-10s match, but the 15 points scored by Bury’s Tom Dunphy was sufficient to win the overall u-10 GP series.

Heckmondwike’s Darren Kent raced to his second successive maximum score in the Divison 2 match, with A&T’s Mick Knowles a comfortable overall GP series winner. A&T’s Emily Burgess raced to a 16 points maximum in the Women’s match, to secure the overall Women’s GP title. A&T’s Pawel Idziorek top scored with 15 points in the Division 1 match, and clinched the overall GP series victory.

Northern Individual Grand Prix results

A&T scorers: Duncan Whalley 16, Emily Burgess 16, Aiden Green 14, Lewis Skitterall 13, Tom Beeley 13, Levi Edwards 12, Mark Grantham 11, Freddy Warn 9, Ali Ashraf 8, Chloe Warn 8, Mick Knowles 7, Sofian Ashraf 4.

Northern Junior League Match result:

Astley & Tyldesley 131 Heckmondwike 60 Bury 55 Hull 50 Sheffield 38 Stockport 21 Edinburgh 15.

Final Northern Junior League standings

Astley & Tyldesley 25, Bury 19, Hull 15, Heckmondwike 15, Sheffield 10, Stockport 9, Edinburgh 5.

Individual Grand Prix winners:

U-10: Tom Dunphy (Bury) 58

U-13: Ewan Ferreira (Stockport) 53

U-16: Kaysar Mohammadi (Bury) 56

U-19: Eryk Motala (Bury) 46

Div. 2: Mick Knowles (Astley & Tyldesley) 53

Women: Emily Burgess (Astley & Tyldesley) 61

Div. 1: Pawel Idziorek (Astley & Tyldesley) 61.

Photos attached are of the Stockport team, after winning the Northern Fours League, and of the Astley & Tyldesley team, with the Northern Junior Team trophy.