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Let’s see just how well you know the Premier League - some of the answers might surprise you.

The All-Time Greats

When records are broken, we witness a moment in history. There’s just something special about it. Yet some records have stood the test of time, and prove to be (at least for the time being) somewhat unbreakable. Some recent and some old, let’s take a look at the all-time greats and the premier league records they hold.

  1. Most goals scored all time: with 260 goals to his name, England legend Alan Shearer holds this prestigious title.
  2. Most goals scored in a single season: his name appears again, only this time the title is shared. With 34 goals in a single season each, Andy Cole and Alan Shearer have held this crown since the early 90’s.
  3. Most clean sheets all time: With some rather safe hands, it is Petr Cech who holds this title. With 443 appearances and 202 clean sheets, he has attained an incredible 45.60% clean sheet record.
  1. Most clean sheets in a single season: Surprisingly (or not so much) it is Petr Cech who holds this title also. He amounted 24 clean sheets in a single season.
  1. The unbeaten season: the 03/04 season saw “the invincibles” in the form of Arsenal go an entire season unbeaten. A record still unparalleled today.
  1. Longest serving manager: Low and behold, please enter the room Sir Alex Ferguson. An football legend around the world, he managed Manchester United for a whopping 26 years

The All-Time Not-So-Greats

We can’t just hold the spotlight on the truly greats of the Premier League. We have to stop and admire the more unfortunate records also.

Leigh Journal:

  1. Fewest points in a season: Derby Country in the 07/08 season. They managed just 11 points, a record that will be tough to beat.
  1. Shortest serving manager: Les Reed for Charlton athletic lasted just 40 days in 2006.
  1. Worst penalty taker: Juan Pablo Angel of Aston Villa. During the 05/06 season this man managed to miss 5 out of his 10 penalties taken. He also missed 2 in the same game against Fulham.

There you have it guys. A round up of some of the best, and some of the worst all blended together to form one of the best leagues in the world.