THE late Bob Webster, who lived in Maghull, was a Saints fan, first and foremost.

But he was also a particularly enthusiastic ground hopper, visiting as many professional and amateur rugby league grounds as he could.

On his travels, he took various photographs of the grounds he visited.

They are not necessarily of high quality, just for his reference.

Yet they portray the changing venues of our sport, with many grounds, alas, no longer with us.

Over the coming weeks we will give you a selection of five images of rugby league grounds.

See if you can name them. It is quite probable that you would have visited some of them at some point too. The answers are at the end if you need them.

Week 1

Picture 1:

Leigh Journal:

Clue: A vast open bowl, built originally on a rubbish tip!

Picture 2:

Leigh Journal:

Clue: Close to home and a football ground by origin; hosted rugby league in the mid-1990s.

Picture 3:

Leigh Journal:

Clue: Now no more; replaced by a modern stadium for both football and rugby league

Picture 4:

Leigh Journal:

Clue: Some people called this ground the Zoo!

Picture 5:

Leigh Journal:

Clue: Do you really need one?

With thanks to Alex Service




Image1: Odsal Stadium [Bradford Northern] 1972

Image2: Hope Street, Prescott [Highfield] 1994

Image3: Fartown [Huddersfield] 1988

Image4: Wilderspool [Warrington]

Image 5: Central Park [Wigan]