WE'RE continuing to bring you old pictures of rugby league grounds taken by the late Bob Webster.

The Saints fan, who lived in Maghull, loved the sport and was also an enthusiastic ground hopper, visiting as many professional and amateur rugby league grounds as he could.

After publishing a set of five pictures taken by Bob last week, this comment was left on our website: "17 years after his death, as his son I can confirm that he would be delighted to see this.

"Ground hopping and rugby league was his life."

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So here's some more of the photographs he took on his adventures, the images portraying the changes we've seen in sporting venues.

Some of these grounds no longer exist, but it's likely you've been to some, if not all, so see how many you can name. The answers are at the end if you need them.

Week 2:

Picture 1:

Leigh Journal:

Picture 2:

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Picture 3:

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Picture 4:

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Picture 5:

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The answers:

Image1: Craven Park [Barrow] 1995

Image2: McClaren Field [Bramley] 1994

Image3: Headingley [Leeds] 2001

Image4: Don Valley Stadium [Sheffield Eagles] 1990

Image5: Belle Vue [Wakefield Trinity] 1997