LEIGH'S homer thrashing by Hull FC means they have now lost their opening 11 games.

After improved performances under interim coach Kurt Haggerty, this was another massive reality check.

Only full-back Ryan Brierley emerged with credit, scoring two tries to take his club total to 150.

"We started the game poorly and never recovered," said Haggerty. "We just weren't on it.

"We can probably come up with 100 reasons for that but we couldn't come up with a solution.

"They are an honest group of players, though, and there were no excuses for that.

"I thought Hull were good but I didn't think they were brilliant.

"At times we looked threatening but defensively we weren't consistent enough.

"But we will pick out the good things we have done and keep moving forward. There weren't a lot, but there were some.

"I'm very happy for Ryan Brierley. To get his 150th try for the club is a fantastic achievement for him and he did some good things."