The Northern Fours & Junior League series concluded on a bright cool afternoon at Astley & Tyldesley's Gin Pit circuit on Sunday. The famed Gin Pit drains worked wonders after heavy rain over the preceding days, with the track in pristine condition.

Bury had already clinched the Fours League series, and they again took the win on the day, to win all six rounds. Steve Harris top scored for A&T, but Sheffield finished ahead of the home team, to nick 3rd place in the final table from A&T.

Northern Fours League Round 6 result Bury 55 Hull 43 Stockport 39 Sheffield 38 Astley & Tyldesley 33 Heckmondwike 27.

A&T scorers: Steve Harris 13, Duncan Whalley 8, Barry Downing 5, Owen Simcock 4, Mason Gallagher 3.

Final Northern Fours League standings Bury 36 Hull 29.5 Sheffield 20 Astley & Tyldesley 19.5 Heckmondwike 13 Stockport 6.

Hull successfully retained the Northern Junior League title, by finishing ahead of their nearest challengers, Sheffield, on the day. In the six Individual Grand Prix series, the overall series winners were: Bobby Dunphy (Bury) at u-10 level; Jayden Hancock (Bury) in the u-13 category; Duncan Whalley (A&T) in the u-16 group; Kielan Burton (Sheffield) at u-19 level; Laura Watson (Sheffield) in the Women's category; Will Banyard (Sheffield) in the Division 2 group.

Northern Junior League Round 6 result Hull 137 Sheffield 88 Astley & Tyldesley 74 Bury 68 Heckmondwike 51.Stockport 0 A&T scorers: Duncan Whalley 12, Josh Pilkington 11, Elijah Rechembei 10, Owen Simcock 10, Barry Downing 10, Nahom Tumizghy 9, Levi Edwards 8, Mason Gallagher 4.

Final Northern Junior League standings Hull 27 Sheffield 25 Astley & Tyldesley 17 Heckmondwike 14 Bury 7 Stockport 0.

Photo attached is of A&T's Barry Downing (left) and Lee Warhurst of Heckmondwike (right). Courtesy of Len Priestley (Astley & Tyldesley Official Club Photographer).