LEIGH Boxing Club coach Adrian Fleming has been left frustrated by the judging decisions at the weekend’s National Junior ABA Finals in Kent.

His two fighters Jack Catterall and Michael Connor both missed out on the ultimate prize despite their performances catching the eye of many in attendance.

Fleming said: “Team Leigh boxers Jack Catterall and Michael Connor didn’t get the national titles they so obviously deserved.

“Both boxers showed class inside and outside the ring and it won’t be long before both Jack and Michael are rightly awarded their England vests.”

Fleming quantified his views in reflecting on the bouts, highlighting how Connor closed down the space on Walcot’s England international Thomas McDonagh from the bell, controlling the action with a sharp jab.

He said: “Constantly backing up his opponent, Michael, unleashed a thunderous left hook which floored McDonagh – forcing an eight count.”

Connor then caught the Walcot boxer with big shots that Fleming felt could have forced a stoppage.

“The assault continued for the next two rounds, with only McDonagh’s undoubted toughness helping him to see the final bell,” said Fleming.

The judges’ results produced a draw, with McDonagh awarded the bout on a countback.

Catterall tackled two-times national champion and England international Charlie Driscoll, of West Ham Fleming said: “Using great footwork, fast hands and timing, Jack continually caught the onrushing Driscoll, who looked out of his depth with the Leigh southpaw.

“For the next two rounds Jack continued to outbox the London boxer, taking a points lead, and then at worst sharing the final round.”

Catterall was left devastated when the judges returned a 20-18 points victory to Driscoll.