LARNE Patrick doesn’t regret rejecting a chance to play in the World Cup in preference for a fresh start to his club career at Leigh.

And three weeks into pre season training the Welsh international forward is loving life with the Centurions

“I knew I wanted to be at Leigh from the off rather than join in during mid December,” Patrick told Journal Sport.

“I wanted to be part of it from the beginning to earn the respect of the lads. Training has been fantastic so far and everyone is gelling together.”

Patrick cut short his career at Grand Final runners-up Castleford to drop down into the Kingstone Press Championship.

But the versatile 29-year-old can see similarities between how Leigh aim to build for the future and with the Tigers’ rise to prominence.

“It was something I had to think about it a lot,” he admitted of his move across the Pennines.

“But having spoken to Neil Jukes and Keiron Cunningham and listened to the aspirations they have for the club, I was impressed.

“I like the way they have gone about their recruitment. They haven’t particularly gone for massive names; they have gone for players with potential.

“They have invested in younger players who are more mouldable. It’s not a short term plan at Leigh or a quick one or two-year fix.

“I think Castleford showed the way. It was never a quick turnaround. It was all about a three or four year process and they are reaping the benefits now.

“It’s still going to be a challenge in the Championship but if we are good enough to get back into Super League then we will be able to compete against the bigger teams on a more regular basis.”

Meanwhile Harrison Hansen has likened Leigh’s pre season training to life under Wigan’s former tough task master coach, Michael Maguire.

Hansen was a Grand Final winner in 2010 under Maguire who went on to enjoy NRL success with South Sydney Rabbitohs.

Speaking after agreeing a new two-year contract the 32-year-old 2017 Centurions’ Players’ Player of the Year, said: “Pre season training has been a lot more organised and more intense.

“We had to step up as you can’t go through pre season going through the motions and then expect to perform.

“It reminds me of my Wigan days and pre season training under Michael. The boys are ripping in well and getting to know one another.

“Everyone is there for a purpose and we’re a team now. So, it’s going to be a good year but a tough year.

“We know how hard it is in the Championship and how hard we will have to work to achieve our ambitions of getting back into Super League.”

Speaking about Hansen’s acceptance of his latest deal, owner Derek Beaumont said:”Harrison’s future at the Club was never in doubt.

“But sometimes the commercial world dictates the pace of contractual agreements and that was the case here.

“‘H’ is a born competitor, a warrior and that is a trait any team would want to inject into their squad.”

“It has been a difficult period for me with the squad situation and frustrating not to be able to squash speculation around Harrison’s and the Club’s intentions to each other.

“I hope this announcement will demonstrate to the fans that we can’t always say what we would like but we are acting in what we know are the best interests of the Club and therefore in turn their best interests.”