FANS have been leaving messages on the Leigh Journal Facebook page, wishing Leigh Leopards good luck for the Betfred Challenge Cup Final against Hull KR at Wembley on Saturday.

Here’s a selection of our favourites:

Ian Cunliffe: I went in 71 and it left me with amazing lifetime memories. I'm so thankful I get chance to go again making more memories. Best of Luck to all the Leigh Leopards Squad and staff, smash it lads and bring the cup back to Leigh its gonna be a great day. Thanks Derek for helping to make the dream a reality. It's going to make Wonderful Memories for so many people. Be the ROAR on the day and cheer the lads to victory

Eric Berry: All the best Leigh Leopards. I was there in 1971 and had a great day. Everyone is proud of what the players and staff have done this season. Bringing home the cup would be the icing on the cake

Doreen Molyneux: Good luck Leigh Leopards at Wembley, have a great game, enjoy the experience and bring home the prestigious Challenge Cup. I was there in 1971 and can't wait to be there supporting you all loud and proud.

Dave Lewis: I wasn't old enough to be there in 71 and have been waiting for this day for what seems like forever. Good luck to everyone connected to our club. Come on the Leythers! #LTID

Suə Mətcalf: Good luck lads, enjoy yourselves playing at Wembley. You have done Leigh proud, you deserve it. Believe I yourselves and you can smash it. Soak up the thrill and the atmosphere you have earned it.

Jacquie Forster: Good luck Leigh Leopards. We will be there cheering you on. My dad went in 1971, I was born that year and was only 2 months old last time you got to Wembley so couldn't go. Me and dad supported you for the last 47yrs. Going this time with my dad 52 yrs later. You got this Leigh. Bring that cup home. So proud of you all.

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Brian Fairhurst: Went in 71 the team played an awesome game,so come on the leopards keep up with your objective to win.

Sharon Hackett: A massive thank you to Derek Beaumont & Leigh Leopards Team. Thanks for bringing Leigh together through sport. The town is buzzing, we all feel great and are very proud of our team and town. Good luck Leigh Leopards at Wembley. Let's hear the ROAR... X

Paul Naughton: Good luck Leigh Leopards at Wembley, you've made my dreams come true, Bring it home lads, so proud of you all.

Pat Bibby: Me and my sister were there in 71 and we will be there again this time, good luck Leopards you can do it, whatever the result all the town will be right behind you xx

William Sellers: Good luck and have a fantastic match and bring home the trophy.

Simon Stott: Good luck lads we'll be travelling over from North Yorkshire to cheer you on

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Steven Jones: Proud of the team and coaches no matter the result will be cheering you all on, and think you will bring home the cup.

Lorraine Gopikrishnan: Good luck Leopards. The whole family will be there cheering you on. Bring home the Challenge Cup.

Amanda Robinson: Do it for my dad! He went in 1971! Oh and yes – I get married on that day!

Steve Morley: Good luck to all The Leopard family, players, staff and fans stay safe and enjoy!!!

Amanda Bailey: Can't wait to watch you boys in the final!! You've got this, you've been amazing all season and deserve to win!! GO LEOPARDS!!!!

Denise Dilly Dolly Ratcliffe: Good luck Leigh Leopards, can’t wait to watch you at Wembley. My first time in the capital so let’s do this xx

Neil Blinkhorn: Good luck to all at leigh leopards, bring home the trophy for us leythers and let's get yhe party started

Donna Parr: Good luck lads, you can smash this, can’t wait to celebrate my 18th wedding anniversary on the 12th at Wembley with the Leigh Leopards, goin to be a well proud day, lets bring this cup back home

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Nicola Hilton: Good luck Leopards and to all involved, you have the whole town behind you. Go smash it

Alison Holme: Good luck Leopards from a Warriors fan. We will be there supporting you. My third time at Wembley.

Stephen Roy Pendergast: Good luck to all at Leigh. Having an amazing season and well deserve this chance of silverware. I was born in Wigan and spent over half my life in Leigh. So from a Warriors supporter GO THE LEOPARD'S!!!!!!!

Lynda Heaton: Good luck Leigh leopards, unfortunately can't make Wembley as on holiday but will be cheering you on from a bar in Charlston hopefully, it will be such a wonderful day for all us fans xx

Mark Scott: Can't wait to see us lift the cup, play your hearts out and we will be victorious.

Sharon Dillon: Thousands of Leythers heading down to Wembley, every single one of us will be cheering you on, together we can do this. Good luck Leigh Leopards

Sheila Hill: Good Luck Leopards you will smash it, Bring the trophy home to Leigh. I was 11 & watched it on Library square, the Library half built, fans sat on the roof of Allsops, fantastic atmosphere.

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Isaac Dokta: Millions in Papua New Guinea will be cheering for you all as this is our abroad team ...All the best

C.M. Selby: All the best to Leigh Leopards and the Leigh supporters. Always go to Wembley because you never know when you’ll get to go again. Go do it for Derek, Mike and Lancashire. From a Wigan fan (Wembley doesn’t get boring btw)

Christine Hope: Good Luck Lads.....heres hoping for a fantastic game and fantastic win.....especially my Fave Tom Amone

Gavin Walker: Let’s make this a final to remember between two of the so called smaller less fashionable clubs , good luck and may the best team win what I’m sure will be an entertaining final , KR supporter

Michelle Simpkin: Good luck to all the lads have a safe journey down there. I was too young to go last time but I vowed I would only go to Wembley to watch my team. Now I get to do that after 50 odd years. Will be cheering you on all the way

Ian Henry: Going to be a great day, Good luck to everyone, coaches , players, fans and of course Derek for bringing lots of great memories, . keep up the great work, Let's bringing home the Challenge cup, we have certainly earned it

Sharon Moses: Good luck, you can do this . So deserved after all these years . Come on Leigh Leopards Enjoy the day and be proud

Edith MacPherson: Good luck Leigh leopards from a Leigh Lass now living in Australia

Paul Bilsbury: We can't wait to get to Wembley last time I went to the old Wembley was in 1995 watching bolton wanderers in the play-off final. So looking forward to the new Wembley. So good luck to the Leopards#ltid

John Lally: Best of luck Leopards , I was there in 1971, got my match ticket , got my coach ticket , got my Shirt , just need a couple of Yate’s Greers pies ,2 corn dog barm cakes and 4 cans of Tetley’s and we’re off

Joyce Simpson: Good luck Leigh Leopards enjoy every minute of it will be cheering you on all the way

Carol McCanna: Good Luck Leopards. I can’t be at the final but will still be cheering you on from the Hen Party in Llandidrod, the only Leyther spending the weekend with my Wigan friends

Kevin Shepherd: It's been quite some time since Leigh was last at Wembley, I'd like to wish the lads all the very best and whatever the result these guys have done us proud and can hold their heads high. Come On Leigh Leopards

Anne Goodwin: Good Luck Leigh Leopards, whether it is a win at Wembley or not on August 12th, you will still have done Leigh proud. You have brought the whole town together again, only have to look at the queues this week on Leigh Market for the team shirt. Still a moment in history, whatever the result.

John Green: After 1971 I never thought I would see my team at Wembley again. All the Best to Leigh RLFC

Mick Broome: From Leyther in South Australia Good Luck at Wembley. I was there as a 14 year old in 71 and was really enchanted by Murphy’s crew now I am looking to be enchanted by John’s crew. GO YOU LEOPARDS. YOU CAN DO IT.

Kim Williams-Smith: Good luck Leigh leopards, you can do this, bring home that cup, you have made this town proud again. I will watch you shouting from the sidelines xxxx

Ray Forster: Good luck to Leigh Leapords, Big thank you to all the players,coach's, and Derek for making our trip to Wembley possible. I was there in 1971,and never expected to go again in my lifetime. Will be at Wembley with my daughter,who was a baby last time we where.there. Think the younger fans of Leigh today,will experience many more cup and Grand finals,with this fantastic team and professional thinking coaching staff and owner that we have

Fred Parkinson: Gutted I can't/won't be there, but will be watching on TV hopefully in Stalmine at our caravan.

Gaynor Mcgowan: cant wait to go to Wembley, wasnt even thought of when went wembley in 1971, got photos of my dad and his brothers with cup and my dads cup and plate all memories good luck Leigh Leopards

Paul Fayle: I didn’t go in 71 due to my Dad (who was a lifelong Leigh supporter) being the best man at a wedding. Now I live in Vancouver, Canada, but wouldn’t miss this for the world. My self and my son are heading over to cheer you on guys. I never doubted our SL survival but to do this year one was even beyond my glass half full character. Now though, I know you will win this with hard graft and in style. Thanks Derek for your dedication in supporting our club in so many ways (not just financial), and to all the coaching staff and behind the scenes crew. See you all at Wembley Leythers,

Thomas Purari Omoa: Every game has 1 winner, Don't be OVER CONFIDENT or UNDER ESTIMATE your opposition. KEEP your cool. Discipline & game plan is crucial. With the guidance of our Super Coach Sir. Adrian Lam, we will get home on a high note.

Stephen Crowe: All the best to all the players and staff.If we play our best we will win but congratulations on a fantastic season so far.

David Roberts: I never ever thought I would watch my team at Wembley again. 1971 , I was a 13 year old boy , in London to watch Alex and the boys defeat Super Leeds , what a fantastic memory. I cannot wait for Saturday 12/8 , when we bring it home once again , smiles on faces , cheer these boys on.

Stephen Rothwell: Leythers waited a long time to get to Wembley in 1971. Waited another 52 years to go again. Never thought we'd go again in my lifetime. Will be fantastic to see my team walking out onto that pitch again after all these years. I'll be thinking of the two family members,no longer us, who would have enjoyed this day so much. Thank you to Sir Derek for making this possible and the very best of luck to the team.

Chris Lowe: We bought our tickets before the season started at the reduced prices. Good luck Leigh. We will be there cheering you on

Jean Atkinson: Good luck leigh leopards hope youi bring the cup home worked hard this year all have a great day from wigan supporters I will be Cheering you on

John Jones: Got my Pudding chips & gravy aftershave packed away already. Making fresh Lobby butties for the trip down

James Byrne: Went in 1971, we were underdogs but we proved every body wrong and we can do it again. I will be there, good luck to all players and Adrian and Chris also coaching staff and Neil dukes for all the hard work they have put in to get us there but most of all a big shout out to our owner Derek who without him god knows were we would be. come on boys make us leythers very happy. in the event of us loosing we have shown that leigh leopards are here and will not go away, good luck boys bring that cup back to leyth