LEIGH Leopards owner Derek Beaumont is optimistic Super League coach of the year Adrian Lam will commit his future to the club beyond the end of next season.

Lam guided Leigh to a record-breaking campaign in 2023 including a first Challenge Cup final success in 52 years and first ever top flight play-off appearance.

The Papua New Guinean has regularly spoken about the ambitious club’s five-year plan of progression.

The 53-year-old is contracted until the end of 2024 but in a far-reaching interview for Leopards TV, Mr Beaumont hopes the marriage between club and coach has longer to run.

He also confirmed Leigh’s interest in 2022 Man of Steel Brodie Croft and ongoing pursuit of NRL star, Anthony Milford.

“Adrian has no reason to leave the environment he is in,” said Mr Beaumont. ‘I don’t believe he would leave our club for any other Super League job because he sees this as the best one in terms of the relationship he has, he is well rewarded, he is valued correctly.

“He did tell me right from day one the only thing that would ever be considered by him would be a top club in the NRL, not just ‘A’ club, and as a head coach not as an assistant.

“How long we keep him-I never worry about it. Someone said to me do you ever worry about the hangover when you are in the party? You don’t do you? You enjoy the party.

“While Adrian is here we will enjoy the party. He is definitely here next year, his son (Lachlan) is here the year after.

“I would like to get Adrian’s contract at least aligned another year after so we are never in that process.”

Lam is currently engaged as Mal Meninga’s number two with the Australian Test team competing in the Pacific Championship.

“Adrian has been one of those people who sees himself has valued more at the end of the year for the following year,” added Mr Beaumont.

“He is always happy to have short deals and renegotiate a better one for himself each year. I like that in an individual.

“He went into a two-year one the first time. I am pretty confident we can get another two years off the back of this because he does see the five-year vision of it.

“We have won the Challenge Cup, we would like to win it again but there are also the two trophies we haven’t won and aspire to do.”

Leigh recently unveiled seven new signings for next year and beyond. But in his interview Mr Beaumont confirmed the pursuit of a marquee star continues after missing out on Brodie Croft.

“People spoke about Milford and Croft but we kept quiet because I never think it is healthy to talk about those things until they are done,” he explained.

“There was an interest from us (in Croft) without doubt. We made contact over it and pretty much had things agreed to progress that forward.

“That didn’t quite materialise as quickly as Lammy and Chessie (Chris Chester) would have wanted it. We got put on a tighter deadline for the other player. We didn’t want to end up with neither.

“The other option is still being worked on. There is a key signing to come; a marquee player will be announced at some point. But we will be patient and get the right one.

“There is perhaps one other player that would be seen as a 19-man, squad level player. That would pretty much see us done for starting with (next year).”

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