SEEING the story about the biography of Tommy Banks in the November 1 edition of the Journal brought back some memories.

It is many years since I watched football at Burnden Park - about 1948-9 and Tommy Banks and Ralph Banks were the full-backs. Malcolm Barrass was centre-half and Nat Lofthouse the centre forward.

Most of the players had jobs. One, I know, was a sawyer and others had shops. Training took place during the week, but I think it was only once or twice.

On the day that Bolton faced Blackpool at Wembley I was in the classroom at Bolton Tech. taking an exam. A teacher came in with the half-time score and Bolton were leading, but full-time was a different story. I cannot remember the year now but I think it was early in the 1950s.

Mr B Greenhalgh Prescott Avenue Tyldesley (Editor's note: The Bolton v Blackpool Wembley final was played on May 2 1953. Sorry to remind you Mr Greenhalgh but Blackpool won 4-3!)