I DO not own a greyhound and have no involvement in the running of the greyhound track at Westhoughton but I have recently been to a few of the race meetings held there. I do, however, own two rather spoilt border terriers and I consider myself an animal lover and would be the first to condemn any form of animal cruelty. When I visited the dog track I witnessed nothing to give me concern for the dogs’ welfare, in fact quite the opposite. These dogs are fed the best of foods and exercised and mostly integrated into the family as the household pet. After speaking to one of the owners’ wives I was rather amused to hear that she came a close second to the dog. As for the lady who commented that ‘those that don’t make the grade live a miserable existence before being killed’ then may I suggest she pays the track a visit and asks if she could have a look round as I did and maybe she would be surprised to find that most of the dogs housed there are retired greyhounds who are happy and healthy.

I for one have put my money where my mouth is (or rather my time and effort) and on a regular basis go and help to exercise the retired greyhounds.

Or they could open up their home and give a retired greyhound the love and attention they think the dogs are lacking.

Adele Guider