There are currently two Circus's in Leigh at present, Circus Mondao at Bickersahw Lane and Circus Royalle at the Greyhound Island. I have always brought my children up to love and respect animals and have educated them that Zoo's and Circus's are no place for animals, therefore we would not be going to Circus Mondao who have numerous animals including zebras, donkeys and rabbits.

I enquired about Circus Royalle at numerous shops who were advertising the show, all the shop keepers assured me that the Circus had told them there were no animals what so ever involved in any acts otherwise they would not have let them place posters in the windows.

On hearing this I decided that I would take the children later this week and rang the booking office to buy some tickets. Just to make sure I asked the lady at the office to confirm that no animals were involved her reply was "Oh yes we have horses involved in some of the acts". I immediately terminated the phone call.

Why are they lying about no animals involved? The reason is they know that Circus's are on the decline, the tide is turning with public opinion on animals being used for entertainment so they have to lie and trick people into going. I think its disgusting and I for one will not be giving them any of my money.

Julie Renshaw Warrington Road Leigh