WHILE your article on the library home delivery was very interesting, it hardly scratched the surface of this debacle.

My mother has been using this service for more than five years. It is a lifeline to her.

She is housebound and her audio books are her greatest pleasure.

The service as it is finishes on August 18.

As yet no alternative has been indicated. We haven’t a clue what will happen and I’m not sure the council does either.

I feel sorry for the girls whose jobs are going. They must be sick of being confronted with questions from anxious and upset customers at the thought of losing this wonderful service.

Can the council leave nothing alone? If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.

As far as I can see it ran efficiently and brought so much pleasure to the most vulnerable of society.

I am disgusted at the disregard for those who can least fight back.

Jill Hart