I AM sick of watching our once beautiful town of Leigh look like a bomb site.

It has to stop. Enough is enough.

It started a long time ago when Pennington Hall was closed. Why? We are not sure.

It was eventually demolished.

Talking about Pennington, it had an open day in the park in remembrance of the First World War.

It was nice sunny day and the park was in full bloom.

A band was playing, some people were dancing and there was a drama group performing plays about what it must have been like living during the war.

It was a credit to all who look after the park.

The volunteers running the café were very busy and polite and all the chairs were occupied.

Wigan Council leader Lord Peter Smith was in the crowd with his wife Lady Joy Smith, the High Sheriff of Greater Manchester.

Whatever happens, the café at the park must continue. If we lose it permanently it would be another nail in our town’s coffin.

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