WELL done Wigan Council for meeting Government targets and being awarded accolades galore for best practice.

But it has been done while having waste management in chaos, housing in turmoil and libraries in meltdown.

I think having bin collections every three weeks will lead to rat-infested alleys and streets with an epidemic of fly-tipping.

I believe the housing problems are due to there being not enough staff after a cull and those who are left being moved to sections they have little knowledge of.

But I think it is the libraries that are the biggest mess.

I believe staff have been cut by so much there is now significant understaffing in the whole borough.

Library hours have been slashed, opening only when people are at work or school, and no-one seems scheduled to provide any of the usual activities and reading groups.

I believe there are no caretakers, so no running repairs, and no drivers, so no internal mail.

So if you have paid 90p for a reservation, I suggest you ask for your money back as it won’t be happening anytime soon.

The home delivery service has in effect been scrapped.

It is to be volunteer run, with no volunteers in evidence, police checked or not, leaving some of the most vulnerable people in society abandoned.

But don’t worry though, there will be lots of bosses floundering around and lots of councillors looking the other way.

Are we angry? Just a bit!

James and Bobby Purity

Oak Street