I WOULD like to reply to the letter headlined ‘Waste of money’ in the August 24 edition of the Journal.

Firstly the money spent on the regeneration of Dootson’s Park has been obtained through discretionary grants, i.e. lottery funding and private company grants which have to be meticulously applied for.

The money does not come directly from Wigan Council – the council empties the bins and cuts the grass.

The litter is picked up by volunteers, including myself.

The park which was given to the people of Bedford by the Dootson family in the 1920s is gradually coming back to life after many years of neglect, like so many other parks throughout the country, and is being cared for.

This is due to the dedication and vigilance of the Butts Bridge Tenants and Residents Association, which is prepared to work hard and give something to its community.

Children and young people have been approached and encouraged to show respect for their environment. They are not playing football on the bowling green as they may have done in the past.

Let’s face it, the area has not got a lot going for it, so let’s be grateful we still have a park, thanks to the efforts of local people.

J Staff

Butts Bridge