TO continue the topic of bin collections in the borough, we recently received the new recycling calendar from Wigan Council after it decided to introduce three weekly black bin collections.

At first there seemed nothing out of the ordinary about it until my wife spotted that the dates weren’t on our usual collection day of Monday.

It informed us that our collection day would be Tuesday from September 25.

As we’d had no prior notice of this, I queried it with the council by e-mail, asking if there had been a mistake on the calendar or if our collection day had been changed.

I was informed in the reply that after September 25 the bin collectors wouldn’t be working on Mondays any more and our collection day would indeed be Tuesday.

No doubt if I had asked where this information had been I would have been told, as I was when reporting a non collection in the past, that the council had put it on its website, which can be a nightmare to navigate, or on social media.

Some of us don’t live our lives on social media by the way.

Another case, it seems, of classic council (mis)communication and it wouldn’t surprise me at all if some people don’t notice and continue to put their bins out on the previous day.

They will then wonder why they have not been collected.

Steven Shaw

Primrose Street South