AFTER many years away from the Labour Party I saw hope when Andy Burnham stood for leader and I decided to return to give him my vote.

Unfortunately Jeremy Corbyn won.

On the second vote I voted for Mr Corbyn as Owen Smith wanted a second referendum on the EU.

Mr Corbyn won yet I never expected him to order his MPs to vote against the Brexit bill.

Our new MP Jo Platt was to be a breath of fresh air and I congratulated her on her win before the result at the last election.

However I am disappointed in her because she made it clear before she was elected that she respected the vote of 64 per cent of the borough who voted to leave the EU.

No doubt she wants to tow the party line and indeed she has by voting with those who wanted to remain.

There does not seem much respect for the people of Leigh who voted her in but it doesn’t matter anyway now she has a job for life.

As for me, I am back in the wilderness voting for any party that will save us from European sharks and loony left sharks within the Labour Party.

My membership money to Labour now goes towards Unicef, a more worthwhile cause.

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