THE Friends of Atherton Parks’ proms night was a huge success in very poor weather.

Talking to fellow Athertonians during the event it made me think of all the community events volunteers organise over the year.

There is the carnival, St George’s Day parade, walking nativity parade, Christmas markets, carol concert, beer festival, pantomime and activity camps for school-children during the holiday period.

We lead the way with these events and are the envy of towns in the borough.

If you add all the clean up and garden projects being looked after by volunteers, we have a lot to be proud of.

Our little town is very much alive, and I know there are several more projects planned for the future. I would now like to make an appeal to Lord Peter Smith and Donna Hall at Wigan Council and all members of the cabinet for Atherton to be given the same funding that has gone to the people of Leigh, £5 million.

The money would certainly help with projects to improve the town.

The college buildings on York Street could become a youth zone and community function room to replace Formby Hall and Briarcroft Hall.

The playing fields at Meadowbank could be reclaimed as a multi sports ground instead of the dog toilet it is now.

We could also come up with a traffic plan for Market Street which would suit local business and not Tesco.

These are my ideas and it would be great to hear others and comments.

Between us we can help to improve our town because I for one am very proud of being an Athertonian.

Brian Seddon

First Avenue