AS someone who voted to leave the EU I could go on and on about British patriotism, duty, fair play and why I voted the way I did.

I could talk about how as a nation we gave parliamentary democracy to the world and why the British future identity really means so much to so many and very little to others who tow the party line and seem to be opposed to everything.

Just like the Luddites of the 1803, who did not understand or comprehend progress and actually rebelled against a change for the better in their way of life and economic circumstances.

Just like the Labour Party of today under the leadership of Jeremy Corbin, attacking the future wealth and wellbeing of our country and all the British people at every opportunity based on outdated tradition and personal gain, even instructing all their MPs to vote against the Brexit bill.

Winston Churchill said a nation which has forgotten its past can have no future.

It is hard to believe that these modern politicians are descended in any way from the breed of men who sailed off in wooden ships into vast uncharted waters and carved out the greatest empire the world has seen.

In years to come perhaps these politicians’ great-great-grandchildren will ask them quite rightly ‘what did you do in the struggle for Brexit?’.

Bob Welch