LEIGH Town Hall is closed to the public as far as I am concerned, unless you can afford to pay money to Wigan Council to get married or hold meetings there.

Why not store archives in Leigh Library, where there are enough rooms for storage?

Services could then be moved back to the town hall, where they have always been.

There you can pay council bills in cash and have privacy to ask for any help or assistance you need.

The library does not take money for council bills and there is no privacy there, with everyone able to listen into your conversations about help or information needed.

I think the services in the library are a shambles.

Lesley O’Halloran at the council did not respond to any of my comments regarding our small towns in her reply to my letter in the Journal.

I think her response was rubbish and I will not bother questioning anyone from the council again.

Judith Partington