I ATTENDED the polling station at St Stephen’s CE Primary School in Astley for the Astley and Mosley Common by-election at 8.15pm last Thursday, only to find it in total darkness.

At first I thought it had closed early so I checked my polling card and it stated it was open until 10pm.

On entering the car park, which was in darkness as well, to find just one car parked I noticed a light on in St Stephen’s Church opposite.

I entered the church to find the polling station had been moved there.

I spoke to the people inside and mentioned I thought the polling station was closed and they said it had been very quiet.

I then said I had seen cars indicating to come in and then drive past.

The following day in work at my business in Tyldesley this discussion continued and at least a dozen people said they did not vote because they thought the polling station was closed.

Why change the location without telling anyone?

The school has been used as a polling station for as long as I can remember.

Could this have affected the result? It was quite close.

I would be interested to hear a response to my concerns from the powers that be.

Ian Williams