IN response to his recent letter in the Journal, Bob Welch should listen to what Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn says and not what people say he has said.

There is a distinct difference.

Mr Corbyn spent some time in his formative years in the beautiful county of Shropshire, along with his siblings, each receiving a first class education.

He is much more qualified than Smother Theresa.

They lived in a five-bedroom house surrounded by many trees, not the kind of dwelling that the Tories would like us to believe Mr Corbyn came from.

Let’s get real, capitalism at this time is in chaos – being blind I listen to Radio 4 a lot and programme after programme is saying this.

The NHS is in crisis, transport and infrastructure are light years behind our neighbours on the continent and we have had seven-and-a-half years of austerity, yet at the same time the top one per cent have been given handouts under the guise of tax rebates.

Surely a case of taking from the poor and giving to the rich.

Now I hear our balance of payment deficit increased by £2.5 billion last month, with Smother Theresa announcing that if you haven’t got any money it will cost you 55p per minute if you phone for help.

Talk about getting blood out of a stone.

Before Mr Welch replies, I would like to point out the money my wife and I have in long term investments will go to charities after the second one dies.

We are socialists and proud Corbynistas and proud to be British.

We practice what we preach.

Frank Partington