I WOULD like to respond to a letter in the Journal by Tyldesley’s Frank Partington headlined ‘Capitalism in chaos’.

People who follow a particular political party like Labour which evolved out of the trade union movement of the 19th century must understand that its reputation, like any other organisation, is only as good as its members’ behaviour.

If the general public perceives its politicians and followers to be aggressive and out of touch with reality (like a ship without a rudder), the British public will not follow its leadership no matter what it promises.

Bob Welch


REGARDING the ‘Capitalism in chaos’ letter in last week’s Journal, I am dismayed that one letter expressing an opinion on politics prompted such a vicious and personal response.

We are all entitled to voice our opinion, thanks to my father and his fellow soldiers who fought and sacrificed for our democratic state.

With Jeremy Corbyn given his correct name in the letter Theresa May should have been extended the same respect.

Instead the writer got personal and vicious.

Common decency costs nothing and neither does good manners.

We need to lead by example with pleasantness and kindness, not playground verbal volleyball.

Victoria Clarke