ALMOST every week we read about Wigan Council giving planning permission for someone to build houses.

Not one or two but multiple numbers.

Could someone from the council explain to us why.

We need roads repairing and bigger ones to cope with the increase in traffic.

The average house today has two cars.

Manchester Road in Astley is a nightmare at rush hour, morning and afternoon, and Elliott Street in Tyldesley is equally as bad in the afternoons.

Both roads are already almost gridlocked from 3pm to 6pm Monday to Friday.

If you want to cross the road near the Bulls Head pub in Astley at these times it is a nightmare – one night I waited half-an-hour before someone stopped to let me across.

This area would benefit from pedestrian controlled zebra crossings.

Also motorists at these times use the Manor Road/Brook Drive estate opposite the pub as a shortcut to miss some of the traffic congestion.

A lot of these vehicles come through these roads at 40mph-plus.

The council spent a fortune of council tax payers’ money buying and installing 20mph signs.

Everyone ignores them and no-one polices these speed limits.

What a waste of our money!

Also cars park all over the pavements, putting the lives of blind people, disabled people and mothers pushing prams and their babies in danger.

Will the council be held responsible if someone gets killed?

Come on Wigan Council, look after the people who put you in power.

Name and address supplied