WAITING for a bus on Sale Lane, it finally arrived almost 15 minutes late.

After boarding it and scanning my bus pass, it appeared blatantly obvious that the driver was going to do his utmost to put the bus back on schedule.

The driver raced away from the bus stop before I had even had the chance to find myself a seat.

It occurred to me, as we roared along down Parr Brow, that had I been travelling in a privately-owned vehicle I could have been fined for not wearing a seat belt, which the law obviously deems to be permissible while travelling on a bus.

Does that law therefore imply passengers not wearing seat belts on board a bus are as safe as houses while passengers travelling in a car and not wearing a seat belt are at great risk of losing their lives, especially if their vehicle is in collision with a speeding bus trying to make up lost time?

What do people think?

Fred Parr

Sale Lane