THERE was again a terrible crime wave in Tyldesley over Christmas.

Heron Foods was robbed and a terrified woman was made to open up the safe again.

With the police being around a 20-minute response time away, the robbers must have thought they had all the time in the world to attack a store in the town centre with ease.

I think the police presence in Tyldesley town centre is disgusting and the level of anti-social crime is shocking, not to mention drink driving and burglary numbers being through the roof.

But Greater Manchester Police cannot afford extra policing in the towns because the town centres of Wigan and Leigh remain their priorities.

Tyldesley, Atherton, Astley and Mosley Common have to suffer in silence.

Even over Christmas the police were obsolete.

It is a very poor service considering that council tax for police has been raised.

People of Tyldesley and surrounding areas have had enough of crime and the under policing by GMP.

It is not good enough.

The raiders know Tyldesley is a easy target.

Atherton’s and Tyldesley’s police stations have closed, so we rely totally on Leigh or the surrounding areas for help.

Tyldesley has PCSOs but they cannot cope with the crime levels and a police chief has told me they are powerless due to the lack of funding.

Sean Bruno