JAMES Grundy has backed Liz Truss as his candidate for the Conservative leadership and to become the next Prime Minister.

Following Boris Johnson’s resignation earlier this month, eight candidates were nominated to replace him as Prime Minister.

This has led to five rounds of voting from ministers, with Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss left as the final two candidates.

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Following a live debate between Mr Sunak and Ms Truss on BBC One tonight (Monday, July 25), the pair will travel to 12 hustings across the country to persuade Conservative Party members to put their name on the ballot.

Supporting Ms Truss since the first round of voting, MP for Leigh James Grundy said that he will continue to back the Foreign Secretary to become the party and country leader.

He said this is due to her promises to deliver an independent council for Leigh (i.e. 'Lexit') and to expand the Levelling Up agenda across the country.

Leigh Journal: James Grundy said that Boris Johnson "made our town matter"James Grundy said that Boris Johnson "made our town matter"

In a statement online, Mr Grundy said: "Liz promised to deliver 'Lexit', an independent council for Leigh, (a non-negotiable requirement for me to support any candidate).

"Liz promised to expand the Levelling Up agenda, allowing business and local residents a greater voice in ensuring towns like Leigh get the regeneration they need and deserve.

"Liz delivered a staggering number of trade deals with nations around the world.

"She helped get Brexit done. We'll now get Lexit done!".

160,000 Conservative Party members will have the opportunity to decide who becomes the Party and country's leader by a physical or online ballot paper.

They have until 5pm on Friday, September 2 to vote, with the Prime Minister to be announced on Monday, September 5.