A CREATIVE production will make audiences question their assumptions based on how people appear and reveal the true identity behind them.

Coming to the Turnpike Gallery on Friday, March 3, and Saturday, March 4, local production 'What Do You See?' uses humour, music, and storytelling to pick apart some of the assumptions we all hold about disability, race, age, sexual orientation and gender.

In collaboration with other creative organisations, the Old Courts in Wigan have produced the performance which will have people from the borough, Joyce Josiah, 26, Zha Olurankinse, 25, and Shaun Fallows, 39, appearing to share their stories and tackle stereotypes.

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Leigh Journal: The PappyShow have toured 'What Do You See?' across the countryThe PappyShow have toured 'What Do You See?' across the country (Image: The Pappy Show)

Shaun, who lives in Newtown, says that people see the chair before they see him. He said: "When people look at me, they see a guy who uses a wheelchair, and that's the first thing they think about. They don't realise I'm funny. They would never guess I write poetry. They probably think my life is really boring and narrow.

"They would have no idea that I perform at open mic nights, or enjoy catching the Eurostar to the Netherlands to visit my friend.”

Zha, a Hawkley Hall musician who performs around Wigan as Zha Olu, said: "Being part of LGBTQ+ community is very important to me. Growing up I probably had a lot of internalised homophobia, so it is a very big step to be proud of who I am.

"When you first come out and start to tell people about sexuality or gender you can feel it’s your everything and it’s all that person sees when they look at you. But I want to be seen as a whole human being.

"This show is going to open people's eyes. Audiences should expect to have their mindsets questioned in a really positive way. They should expect a lot of fun and playfulness as we challenge people with humour."

Leigh Journal: In rehearsals for the 'What Do You See?' performance In rehearsals for the 'What Do You See?' performance (Image: The Old Courts)

The local trio have been working with London-based The PappyShow in preparation for the show, which has toured different versions of the show across the country, and is known for creating diverse and collaborative productions that explore the identities and the lived experience of the people they work with. 

Kane Husbands, artistic director, The PappyShow said: "What Do You See? Is a production about unconscious bias, stereotyping and identity. It deep dives into the assumptions we might make about people, many of which we may not realise we have.

"It explores these assumptions by asking the audience 'What do you see when you look at us?' Although this show deals with some serious themes, it's packed with joy, colour and intelligent humour."

Leigh Journal: The production will take place at the Turnpike Gallery in Leigh on Friday, March 3 and Saturday, March 4The production will take place at the Turnpike Gallery in Leigh on Friday, March 3 and Saturday, March 4 (Image: Leigh Journal)

What Do You See? is the Old Courts' third annual project in a series called Moving Roots, which has been a collaboration with other organisations to create cultural and diverse productions.

The 'What Do You See?' shows have wheelchair accessibility at the Turnpike Gallery, and will be followed by a live Q&A with the director Kane Husbands.