AN ANIMAL rights activist who became a household name following the Netflix series 'Tiger King' has sent the Leigh Leopards a surprise message.

Focusing on American private zoo owner Joe Exotic and his ongoing feud with activist Carole Baskin, both Americans achieved both fame and notoriety as the Tiger King series became a global phenomenon in 2020.

By the end of the viral series, zoo owner Joe is sent to jail for planning a murder-for-hire on 62-year-old Baskin, who the series speculated had an involvement in the disappearance of her second husband, which she has denied.

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Leigh Journal: Private zoo owner Joe Exotic, star of the 'Tiger King' seriesPrivate zoo owner Joe Exotic, star of the 'Tiger King' series (Image: PA)

With Baskin becoming a well-known figure, she has become a popular subject on Cameo, where celebrities or figures send fans a personalised message for a set fee.

Following Leigh Leopards' historic Challenge Cup victory over Hull KR on Saturday, August 12, Boomers and Swingers at Astley Golf Driving Range got in touch with Baskin to ask for a congratulatory message.

Leigh Journal: Carole Baskin sent the Leigh Leopards a message after their Wembley triumphCarole Baskin sent the Leigh Leopards a message after their Wembley triumph (Image: Leigh Leopards)

Duly responding with all of her cat quips, Basking said: "Hey all you cool cats and kittens who are Leigh Leopards, oh my catness, I hear that you mauled those other rugby teams.

“I am supporting my Leopards, because I love the Leigh Leopards. You guys are just the cats pyjamas, you are tigeriffic.

“Hey you did it. Well done, absolutely well done. And I hear you guys are just like a tiny little bus stop in Wigan and yet look at you, you’re the Leigh Leopards.

“Oh it is just cat-tastic to hear what you guys have done this year and to see it, the whole world has seen it, you guys are like famous. So congratulations.”