A GROUP of volunteers have worked together to install a life-saving piece of equipment at Lilford Park.

The Friends of Lilford Park CiC (FOLP) is a small group of volunteers who collaborate with other community groups to improve the facilities available within Lilford Park, located on Elmridge in Leigh.

To further their support to park users, the community group agreed that a defibrillator would be a vital addition to the area and liaised with Leigh's local Rotary group to make this happen.

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FOLP Chairman David Sykes said: “ We are delighted that the park is being used more and more by a variety of people, including sport enthusiasts, joggers, cyclists and walkers, also the 5-a-side pitches and basketball court which are well used and popular facilities. 

"However any type of physical activity carries with it the unfortunate possibility of someone having a heart related problem. With this in mind, FOLP decided a defibrillator would be an added bonus for all park users to have easy access to."

After contacting the local Rotary club, which works to raise money for various good causes throughout the year, the FoLP was awarded funding through the 'Dragons Den' initiative, enabling them to purchase and install a defibrillator and bleed kit.

These are held inside a clearly marked cabinet situated on the toilet block wall inside the park. The unit is accessed by dialling 999 after which the operator will give the caller a combination code to open the cabinet and access the instructions to safely use the defib.

Rotary President, Frank Bowker, added: "FOLP do an excellent job in promoting this wonderful local public amenity and Leigh Rotary members were pleased to be able to support the volunteers with funding towards the defibrillator and bleed kit installation”.