THE Reform candidate in the general election standing for Leigh and Atherton has made his pledge to voters ahead of Thursday's vote.

George Woodward is standing for the Nigel Farage-led party in the constituency.

Mr Woodward said the country has been "over-reliant on mass uncontrolled immigration" and that Reform advocated "smart immigration" instead.

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He said: “Britain has become over-reliant on mass uncontrolled immigration.

"According to the ONS, in the year-to-year end December 2023, 1.22million new arrivals entered the UK. Approximately 500,000 left the country, leaving the net-increase of our population at about 700,000. 

"Such astronomically high levels of immigration result in the wage depression of working-class Brits; sky-high housing and rent costs due to the artificially induced demand; filled up local schools; and an overburdened NHS.

"The two mainstream parties are 'immigration extremists' - they’re aware that the ordinary British voter does not want these levels of immigration, and are entirely aware of the aforementioned negative effects, yet force it upon us anyway. Only Reform UK will freeze all non-essential immigration, resulting in a net immigration figure of zero.

"We need 'smart immigration' - migrants who are highly educated; highly trained; who integrate into British culture; who contribute instead of withdraw from our economy; and who do not number into the tens of thousands. This is the will of the people. This is what will happen under a Reform UK government.

Mr Woodward also said the party would "protect women's rights" and ban what he called "trans ideology" from schools.

George Woodward is standing for Reform UKGeorge Woodward is standing for Reform UK (Image: PA)

He said: "Only Reform UK will protect women’s rights.

"Only Reform UK will mandate single-sex spaces. Only Reform UK will respect women’s hard-fought rights. Only Reform UK will ban all trans ideology in schools.

"Use your vote to protect women and children. Use your vote to protect Britain. Vote Reform UK."