It’s too cold, it’s too wet, the house is not looking its best and Christmas is ahead.

At this time of year, many people say they will wait until the spring before putting their home on the market, as that is supposedly the best time to sell.

While properties certainly look more appealing in the spring, there are solid reasons for selling earlier.

Firstly, while you can choose when you sell, a buyer’s timing is usually more likely to be determined by circumstances rather than the season.

Serious buyers won’t let Christmas deter them. In fact, Rightmove reports that the busiest day for hits to its site last year was Boxing Day!

Secondly, many properties come on to the market in the spring, thereby increasing supply and meaning that buyers have more choice.

It also means that by the time a buyer is found you will be able to take advantage of this increase in supply yourself as you seek a new home.

Having a buyer for your own property ahead of everyone else puts you in a strong position as a purchaser, with a selection of properties from which to choose in a market of buyers who have otherwise yet to sell.

The Step estate agency based in Tyldesley is currently witnessing a sharp increase in the supply of qualified buyers, suggesting that pre-Christmas sales will be good.

Martin Sleeman of The Step said: “If you are contemplating moving, please phone us to discuss how our marketing plan could have you sold by Christmas.

“Your timing might just be perfect.”

The Step is a small family-owned and run business with a solid reputation for customer satisfaction.

Speaking about this, Martin said: “I feel we have the perfect recipe to sell a property at any time of year.

“We are not target and commission based, like some of the larger agents, and we believe in giving an honest appraisal of a property from the outset, rather than just telling you want you want to hear to win your instruction. This has proven to be the key to our success this year.

“An honest valuation leads to a quicker sale. It’s that simple.

“Our results this year speak for themselves, being ranked number one consistently throughout the year on the nation’s number one property portal, and we are growing faster than any other agent in the area.”

Contact The Step now to see how the expert team can help get things moving for you. Simply call 01942 895940 or pop in to find out more at 188 Elliott Street, Tyldesley, M29 8DS. For more information, visit the website at