Group of otters spotted

9:13am Thursday 28th August 2014

THERE certainly are otters in the Leigh area.

Lane benefits

9:11am Thursday 28th August 2014

WE ARE fed up reading letters every week about ‘the stupid bus lane nobody wants’.

Fine building demolition

9:12am Thursday 28th August 2014

WHEN the Tyldesley Conservation Area was extended but the former tech in Upper George Street was noticeably omitted it was clear its days were numbered.

Hospice gifts

9:11am Thursday 28th August 2014

I WOULD like to reply to the letter ‘Don’t ignore old furniture’.

Busway has easy access

9:09am Thursday 28th August 2014

THERE were several letters in last week’s Journal about the guided busway and, unfortunately, they included quite a bit of incorrect or misleading information, which I would like to address.

Pet of the week

Leigh Journal:

9:06am Thursday 28th August 2014

OUR pet of the week is settling in with his family.

Fine them

8:34am Friday 22nd August 2014

IN reply to the letter ‘Do you want a safer Leigh?’

Old mistakes

8:34am Friday 22nd August 2014

WHEN is support in the community not what it purports to be?

What otters?

8:33am Friday 22nd August 2014

WHEN I read the item about a tunnel for otters and voles as part of the guided busway project I had to check that the date was not April 1.

Part of plan

8:32am Friday 22nd August 2014

I READ Glenn Woods’ letter in the Journal concerning the guided busway where he points out the glaringly obvious ‘oversight’ on the part of the planners that they ‘forgot’ to build bridges over the roads that the busway crosses and that it will cross at ground level with traffic lights on already heavily congested infrastructure.

Busway blues

8:31am Friday 22nd August 2014

REGARDING the busway letters, I agree with Christine — why do we need a busway from Leigh to Manchester via Atherton and Tyldesley?

Parking woes

8:30am Friday 22nd August 2014

WIGAN Council’s policy on cars parking on payments.

Pet of the week

Leigh Journal:

8:28am Friday 22nd August 2014

OUR pet of the week is a ‘trusted companion’.

'It's not rocket science'

3:55pm Thursday 14th August 2014

MY grandson recently had his expensive bike stolen from outside Leigh Library, yet none of the cameras outside this high crime area captured it, amazingly.

Our say on tax spending

3:53pm Thursday 14th August 2014

THIS is the first time I’ve ever contacted a newspaper to give my opinion however I couldn’t believe your front page this week.

Stop cutting to miss lights

3:53pm Thursday 14th August 2014

ARE you chancing running someone over for the sake of one minute off your journey?

Worth considering don’t you think?

3:51pm Thursday 14th August 2014

I VISIT the Hub at Woolston and the one at Orford (Warrington) and I am very impressed with them both.

Votes aren't deserved

Leigh Journal:

3:48pm Thursday 14th August 2014

I FREQUENTLY read in this paper that nobody wants the guided busway, then why is it being built and at such a huge financial cost in a so-called ‘recession’.

Which party is he with?

Leigh Journal: Commitment matters - Leigh MP Andy Burnham

3:47pm Thursday 14th August 2014

WHAT is Andy Burnham thinking about trying to introduce a death tax?

Don't ignore old furniture

3:46pm Thursday 14th August 2014

I READ with interest the appeal for furniture from Wigan and Leigh Hospice.

Pet of the week

Leigh Journal:

3:44pm Thursday 14th August 2014

OUR pet of the week is ever so brave.

Developers are risking disruption

8:56am Thursday 7th August 2014

AFTER looking at this week’s Journal and the article regarding the new busway I would like to share my comments.

Busway is not needed in 21st century

8:54am Thursday 7th August 2014

WHY a busway?

Counting the cost of a vote for our MP

Leigh Journal: Andy Burnham

8:52am Thursday 7th August 2014

DO the people of Leigh know that their MP Andy Burnham wants to reintroduce plans for a death tax on every person, no matter how much their estate is worth?

Cut council pay to show ‘goodwill’

8:51am Thursday 7th August 2014

MAY I suggest councillors' pay and/or expenses should be cut including Lord Peter Smith, as a goodwill gesture to reducing costs.

When will our traffic woes be resolved?

8:49am Thursday 7th August 2014

WHEN, oh when does Wigan Council intend to address the gross problem of vehicles being parked on the roadside and footpaths throughout the borough?

Criticism did not reflect whole letter

8:48am Thursday 7th August 2014

WHAT a wonderful letter from Ian Corbett.

Pet of the week

Leigh Journal:

8:45am Thursday 7th August 2014

OUR pet of the week is a bit of a celebrity.

‘Ludicrous’ to close centre

Leigh Journal: site_logo

12:32pm Wednesday 30th July 2014

WITH regards to your story about the possible closures of adult day centres, my 90-year-old mother actually uses one of these centres and, but for these centres, my mother would hardly ever get out of the house during the week.

Get a life or on your bike

Leigh Journal: site_logo

12:31pm Wednesday 30th July 2014

IN response to yet another thoughtless anti-cycling letter written by ‘concerned’.

Who wants a safer Leigh?

Leigh Journal: site_logo

12:30pm Wednesday 30th July 2014

YOUR correspondent ‘Concerned’ shows that even after all the letters in the Journal a few weeks ago the people of Leigh are still worried about the antics of irresponsible cyclists.

Preserve our open spaces

Leigh Journal: site_logo

12:29pm Wednesday 30th July 2014

THE views of Leigh’s MP Andy Burnham in the Journal, ‘HS2 rail depot would be a monstrosity’, will surely have been welcomed by most readers, not only those in Lowton and Golborne who are convinced that the construction of a huge depot on their doorstep would be an inappropriate intrusion, but those from further afield.

Pet of the Week

Leigh Journal:

12:27pm Wednesday 30th July 2014

OUR pet of the week just can’t wait to be king.

Pet of the week

Leigh Journal:

3:27pm Wednesday 23rd July 2014

Our pet of the week has travelled half way around the world.

HS2 doesn’t wash with me

Leigh Journal: LORD BRADSHAW - HS2

3:24pm Wednesday 23rd July 2014

EVERY sane person in this country should say no to the HS2 train.

Petrol station isn’t a bypass

3:23pm Wednesday 23rd July 2014

THE other day I walked from my house on Sale Lane, Tyldesley, to Boothstown.

Town flushed with success

3:22pm Wednesday 23rd July 2014

AS promised, I can reveal good news for the residents of Tyldesley.

Sort out buses to Wigan

3:11pm Wednesday 23rd July 2014

FOUR buses every hour. Does this mean four all at the same time as usual?

Consider the vulnerable

3:07pm Wednesday 23rd July 2014

ONCE again the Labour-controlled council plans to hit the most vulnerable people in our society, with the planned closure of day centres.

Will owners ever learn?

3:06pm Wednesday 23rd July 2014

WELL it was an accident waiting to happen when a gran’s dog was attacked by a dog running loose in a public place, such as happened this week at Damhouse.

Treasured photograph

Leigh Journal:

9:30am Wednesday 16th July 2014

DURING this period of remembrance I wish to submit this signed photograph of someone’s treasured relative from the 1930s.

Let’s work to same goal

Leigh Journal: site_logo

9:28am Wednesday 16th July 2014

I WRITE in response to yet another letter from Mabel Jones.

Check before you buy home

Leigh Journal: site_logo

9:27am Wednesday 16th July 2014

WITH regards to ‘Bring Back our Rail Links’.

Owners are ‘vile creatures’

Leigh Journal: site_logo

9:19am Wednesday 16th July 2014

DECIDED to take the shortcut to school today, rather than walk the busy road route.

Pet of the Week

Leigh Journal:

9:16am Wednesday 16th July 2014

OUR pet of the week is gorgeous according to her owner Lauren Johnson.

Good luck with your retirement

Leigh Journal: site_logo

9:13am Wednesday 16th July 2014

I READ with sadness about the retirement of Brian Gomm.

Brian was a ‘born tinker’

Leigh Journal: site_logo

9:10am Wednesday 16th July 2014

READING of Brian’s retirement as news editor and reporter of the Leigh Journal set me thinking of the similarities between him and the late Fred Dibnah. Like Fred, Brian is a practical man and a born tinker.

Cyclists need to take test

Leigh Journal:

9:00am Wednesday 16th July 2014

FOR some time we have been told by the Government and local councillors we have to make the roads safer for cyclists.

Move along with the bus

Leigh Journal: site_logo

9:13am Wednesday 9th July 2014

I REFER to ‘preparing Leigh and Atherton centres for the buses’.

Greed over environment

Leigh Journal: site_logo

9:12am Wednesday 9th July 2014

IGNORANCE is certainly bliss in the case of M Molyneux.

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