Pet of the week

Leigh Journal:

3:27pm Wednesday 23rd July 2014

Our pet of the week has travelled half way around the world.

HS2 doesn’t wash with me

3:24pm Wednesday 23rd July 2014

EVERY sane person in this country should say no to the HS2 train.

Petrol station isn’t a bypass

3:23pm Wednesday 23rd July 2014

THE other day I walked from my house on Sale Lane, Tyldesley, to Boothstown.

Town flushed with success

3:22pm Wednesday 23rd July 2014

AS promised, I can reveal good news for the residents of Tyldesley.

Sort out buses to Wigan

3:11pm Wednesday 23rd July 2014

FOUR buses every hour. Does this mean four all at the same time as usual?

Consider the vulnerable

3:07pm Wednesday 23rd July 2014

ONCE again the Labour-controlled council plans to hit the most vulnerable people in our society, with the planned closure of day centres.

Will owners ever learn?

3:06pm Wednesday 23rd July 2014

WELL it was an accident waiting to happen when a gran’s dog was attacked by a dog running loose in a public place, such as happened this week at Damhouse.

Treasured photograph

Leigh Journal:

9:30am Wednesday 16th July 2014

DURING this period of remembrance I wish to submit this signed photograph of someone’s treasured relative from the 1930s.

Let’s work to same goal

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9:28am Wednesday 16th July 2014

I WRITE in response to yet another letter from Mabel Jones.

Check before you buy home

Leigh Journal: site_logo

9:27am Wednesday 16th July 2014

WITH regards to ‘Bring Back our Rail Links’.

Owners are ‘vile creatures’

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9:19am Wednesday 16th July 2014

DECIDED to take the shortcut to school today, rather than walk the busy road route.

Pet of the Week

Leigh Journal:

9:16am Wednesday 16th July 2014

OUR pet of the week is gorgeous according to her owner Lauren Johnson.

Good luck with your retirement

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9:13am Wednesday 16th July 2014

I READ with sadness about the retirement of Brian Gomm.

Brian was a ‘born tinker’

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9:10am Wednesday 16th July 2014

READING of Brian’s retirement as news editor and reporter of the Leigh Journal set me thinking of the similarities between him and the late Fred Dibnah. Like Fred, Brian is a practical man and a born tinker.

Cyclists need to take test

Leigh Journal:

9:00am Wednesday 16th July 2014

FOR some time we have been told by the Government and local councillors we have to make the roads safer for cyclists.

Move along with the bus

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9:13am Wednesday 9th July 2014

I REFER to ‘preparing Leigh and Atherton centres for the buses’.

Greed over environment

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9:12am Wednesday 9th July 2014

IGNORANCE is certainly bliss in the case of M Molyneux.

People need to obey limit

Leigh Journal:

9:11am Wednesday 9th July 2014

WITH regards to your story about the increase in the number of collisions on 20mph roads.

Slow down to avoid bumps

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9:08am Wednesday 9th July 2014

TO the users of Hanover Street.

Drivers should think ‘what if’'

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9:07am Wednesday 9th July 2014

I TOTALLY agree with ‘worried driver, Astley’, regarding aggressive and dangerous drivers.

Pet of the Week

Leigh Journal:

9:05am Wednesday 9th July 2014

OUR pet of the week is the perfect companion when her owner is feeling a little bit blue.

I would not like drilling

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8:53am Wednesday 9th July 2014

I WOULD not like drilling under my house and can’t think of anyone who would.

Just how was library saved?

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8:52am Wednesday 9th July 2014

I FELT it necessary to respond to Karen Aldred’s letter she wrote about what she and her husband have done for dementia.

Council still on agenda

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8:50am Wednesday 9th July 2014

THE first Win Street Surgery was held in Atherton on Saturday, June 28 by myself and Clr Jamie Hodgkinson.

Wishes again been ignored

Leigh Journal:

12:43pm Thursday 3rd July 2014

ON reading the letter in the Journal by Stephen McCann recently, my wife and I couldn’t help but give a broad smile.

I refused to sign petition

Leigh Journal: site_logo

12:42pm Thursday 3rd July 2014

I AM writing to congratulate Mr Bradbury on his spectacular display of ‘chucking the dummy out of his pram’.

Let’s get fracking...

Leigh Journal: Fracking Comes to Stockbridge?

12:40pm Thursday 3rd July 2014

QUESTIONS to be asked? Here is the answer, let’s get fracking.

Elton John concert was a night to remember

Leigh Journal: WEDNESDAY NIGHT'S ALRIGHT: Elton John perfroms at the Metro Arena in Newcastle.  Picture: CHRIS BOOTH (7815270)

12:38pm Thursday 3rd July 2014

I WAS one of the winners of your Elton John competition. I want to thank you so much for the two tickets which gave me a most enjoyable evening that I will always remember.

Watch out for hill starts

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12:36pm Thursday 3rd July 2014

WHEN the level crossing is finished and the tram line is up and running across the top of the hill, above St John’s Church, Mosley Common Road, there will be numerous big high-sided lorries doing hill starts.

Surgeries on the streets

Leigh Journal: site_logo

12:32pm Thursday 3rd July 2014

NOW that construction is well under way with the guided busway, I feel it time to reflect on how we will be affected on its completion.

Hold our MPs to account

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12:28pm Thursday 3rd July 2014

THE excellent letters by Damian Kershaw and LM Voiels in the Journal sum up the unacceptable stance taken by local Labour councillors and MP Andy Burnham towards what Leigh people actually want and what they are to get in the way of rail links.


Leigh Journal:

10:45am Wednesday 2nd July 2014

OUR pet of the week is top of the class when it comes to school pets.

Cured of calf muscle pain

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10:55am Wednesday 25th June 2014

ALL praise to the Complemed Psychotherapy in Princess Street, Leigh.

Saving lives in the library

Leigh Journal: New defibrillators in village could save lives

10:53am Wednesday 25th June 2014

ATHERTON Library Support Group presented a defibrillator for use in the library.

Memories will stay forever

Leigh Journal: Elton John

10:50am Wednesday 25th June 2014

I HAVE followed Elton for 40 years, since I was 13 and I have been all over following him.

‘Impatient, idiot driver’

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10:49am Wednesday 25th June 2014

I REALLY, really hope that the ignorant, inconsiderate, aggressive idiot – who tailgated me all the way up Princes Avenue and Astley Street and then blasted his car horn and made an abusive, disgusting hand gesture to me when I turned into Upper George Street, just because I was driving at the legal speed – never has to identify a member of his family (particularly a child) who has been killed by an arrogant, impatient idiot like him.

Surgeries on the streets

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10:48am Wednesday 25th June 2014

BOTH myself and Bryn councillor Gary Wilkes have decided that the traditional councillors’ surgeries held in our old town halls don’t meet the needs of the public in the 21st century. Residents are now contacting their councillors using social media, emails and by phone. They are not prepared to wait to raise their issues until the next surgery, which is borne out by the poor attendance at these surgeries in all wards. Following the overwhelming success of recent street surgeries in the election period, we have decided to hold them once a month in Atherton on the last Saturday of each month.

War service thank you

Leigh Journal: War service thank you

10:45am Wednesday 25th June 2014

ON behalf of Tyldesley Branch of the Royal British Legion, I would like to thank all branch members and the general public for attending the church service on Sunday, June 15 at St George’s Church.

Questions to be asked

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10:43am Wednesday 25th June 2014

I HAVE just read the letter ‘Wake up to progress’ from B Molyneux.

Pet of the Week

Leigh Journal: Mitch

10:40am Wednesday 25th June 2014

OUR pet of the week has his very own dressing up box.

Don’t blame supermarkets

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10:19am Wednesday 18th June 2014

ANOTHER shop closes in Tyldesley, soon there will be none left!

1964 college leavers call

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10:17am Wednesday 18th June 2014

CALLING all Thornleigh 1964 leavers.

We will carry on our work

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10:16am Wednesday 18th June 2014

WITH regards to the letter from M Jones in last week’s Journal concerning Atherton Library.

Wake up and progress

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10:15am Wednesday 18th June 2014

SO the anti-frackers are moaning again about drilling under people’s properties and trying to claim its trespassing.

Who stole our banners?

Leigh Journal: site_logo

10:14am Wednesday 18th June 2014

ATHERTON Business Partnership is having a summer market on Saturday, June 28.

Well done to Centurions

Leigh Journal: site_logo

10:13am Wednesday 18th June 2014

JUST a well done message to all the Leigh Centurions players for their efforts in the challenge cup match at Leeds.

Bring back our rail link

Leigh Journal: site_logo

10:10am Wednesday 18th June 2014

I WAS very pleased to read the article submitted by Damian Kershaw regarding the railway line in Leigh which was taken away from us all those years ago and the history appertaining to this.

Pet of the Week

Leigh Journal: Dave

10:06am Wednesday 18th June 2014

OUR pet of the week is an ice cream thief.

Pet of the Week : thank you

Leigh Journal: Minnie

12:08pm Wednesday 11th June 2014

THANK you so much for making Minnie my chihuahua pet of the week.

We will grin and bear it

12:04pm Wednesday 11th June 2014

I DON’T believe it is the Hough Lane bridge closure that causes the day to day congestion.

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