POLICE in Atherton want your help in tackling crime.

They want to expand the area's Home Watch scheme which involves people within the community working with them in a crackdown on criminals.

Police Community Safety Officers covering the Atherton and Hag Fold estate areas want the public to team up to prevent crime. "Regardless of its size your community may be a likely target for the criminal. It is easy to shrug it off and assume that it won’t happen to you or that nothing can be done. In fact a great deal can be done to prevent crime. The police cannot do it alone," said Atherton based PCSO Maria Hulme.

"Each of us has a vital role to play by becoming actively involved in crime prevention. A police officer might not recognise someone in your garden as a stranger, but your neighbour would. It is this kind of awareness and willingness to help that is the basis of Home Watch."

Established Home Watch schemes show that they can help to reduce burglary, vandalism, vehicle thefts and thefts from vehicles creating a better community spirit and circulating crime prevention advice quickly and efficiently circulated throughout the neighbourhood.

Anyone interested in setting up a Home Watch scheme should contact area Atherton based PCSOs Maria, Mel and Mark via contacting maria.hulme@gmp.pnn.police.uk