A MUM left bedridden after a car accident has become a therapist delivering the treatment that turned her life around.

Angela Brown was waiting at a roundabout in 2007 when a car bumped into the back of her.

She was left with a neck and shoulder injury but Angela developed fibromyalgia and the pain gradually spread through her body.

The mum-of-one, from Astley, said: "My health just deteriorated. The pain seemed to spread and I began to walk with a wobble like I was drunk.

"I began to use a walking stick to steady myself but I continued to get weaker and soon needed a wheelchair. I was constantly in pain.

"I tried everything to ease the pain from acupuncture to a chiropractors but nothing worked. I was forced to give up my job and I ended up not even being able to get myself out of bed."

Angela's partner Amanda discovered persuaded her to try Mickel therapy at Cheshire Natural Health Clinic.

"I was really cynical at first but by the third session I no longer needed walking sticks," she said.

"It teaches you tools to cope with the muscle pain and fatigue. It was incredible.

"For six years I had struggled with it but in a few weeks it had all gone apart from the original neck and shoulder injury.

"I wanted to help other people who are suffering from fatigue related conditions so I trained as a therapist."

Angela now offers her own treatment from her home in Treen Road.

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