A CHARITY is looking for volunteers to give up a little of their space and time to help train the guide dogs of the future.

Guide Dogs is in need of boarders, people who are willing to open their home to a dog from the Atherton training school and care for it throughout the week and at weekends while following guidelines from the dog’s trainer.

The charity supplies basic equipment and covers all veterinary and feeding expenses but boarders must be able to drop off and pick up their dogs from the centre before and after work.

Janet Harper of Guide Dogs said: “This is a fantastic opportunity to have the benefits of caring for a dog without the full-time responsibility.

“It’s also very rewarding to be involved in the upbringing and training of a guide dog, which will one day provide freedom and independence to a blind or partially-sighted person.”

For more information call 0845 371 7771, email volunteer@guidedogs.org.uk or visit www.guidedogs.org.uk.