ROAD safety experts are reminding motorists to take extra care when driving in residential areas during half term.

They are warning that school closures for half term this week mean more children are likely to be out and about in residential areas and are asking motorists to take more care and reduce their speed.

Wigan Council began introducing a 20mph speed limit on residential streets across the borough last year due to research which showed the chances of fatally injuring someone is reduced from 20 per cent to just 2.5 per cent when speed is dropped from 30mph to 20mph.

Leader of Wigan Council, Lord Peter Smith, said: “When I was made aware of the difference that driving at 20mph made in increasing road safety, I felt strongly that we should implement this in our residential areas.

“We are working hard to make people think about the implications of speeding and hope our campaign will change people’s attitudes and behaviours when travelling on our residential streets.”

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