Each month we follow the efforts of a small group of volunteers who are thinking big to make a difference with a £1m grant from Big Local

GETTING involved in the community can be daunting but the Leigh Neighbours Project might be able to help.

The group which is responsible for managing a £1million investment in an area of Leigh West has seen more than its share of social problems.

Its challenge over the next 10 years is to make that money work best for local people.

But that requires the support of people with both ideas and the passion to help deliver them.

The project gave £500 to Atherton and Leigh Foodbank and the subsequent coverage in the Journal led to an increase in people wanting to donate their time to help.

Warren Done, project manager of the foodbank, said: "We had a great response to the article, which generated many calls from potential volunteers. I do wonder, however, whether some people in crisis are put off from getting in touch with us out of embarrassment or shame.

"It's crucial that we lose the stigma associated with foodbanks. Any one of us could fall on hard times so we must move beyond this. I urge anybody in genuine need to consider calling upon the help of foodbanks.

"We're a really friendly and welcoming bunch and we never judge. We just want to help."

Young people are also urged to get involved and are invited to come along to the Youth Council to have their say on how the investment is spent.

The Youth Council meets on Tuesdays, from 4pm to 6pm, at Kingsleigh Methodist Church.

Alternatively you can email admin@lnpb.org.uk.

To find out more about the foodbank, call 07980 881925.