RUMOUR and social media have led to a impromptu litter pick taking place.

During speculation about a rumour that the Lions Bridge statue, the last remaining evidence of the Lions Bridge in Lilford Park, was to be moved to Haigh Hall, a Facebook comment notified the community to the need for a cleanup.

The litter pick was organised after it was mentioned that the little woods on the Avenue junction with Elmridge where the statue stands has recently been used as a hide-away by drug users.

David Sykes will be joining the community organised litter pick. He said: “We have obtained permission from the land owner and a gang are coming down this Saturday morning to help us clean up the area. All inspired by Facebook.

“We'll be there with bin liners, spare gloves and wheel barrows at 10am to do the deed. It will be interesting to see just how well the social media works.”