TESCO has apologised following complaints about a derelict 'eyesore', which Atherton residents say has been left in a dangerous condition for more than a year.

The building, on Lee Street, is part of the Tesco Superstore complex and the supermarket chain began to demolish it at the start of last year.

But work came to a halt, leaving the building unsafe, according to people living on the Ambergate estate across the road.

Resident Jennifer Balmer, 68, said: "Not only is it an eyesore, but it has also been left in a dangerous state. They have put barriers up but they are only metal gates and, with the weather we've been having, it is a miracle they have stood up to it.

"There are bricks hanging off it and it is a main route to the local school. We are all elderly residents who have to walk past it to get into town. It is only a matter of time before somebody is killed."

Tesco confirmed that the building was on its land and apologised to any residents who had been trying to find out about the site from the company.

A spokesman added: "We are in the process of demolishing buildings next to our store in Atherton but have paused work to undertake further surveys.

"In the meantime, we will be looking to make the site as secure as possible as soon as possible. I'm sorry for any confusion that may have arisen during this period."

Mike Worden, Wigan Council assistant director for planning and transport, said: "A small element of demolition has taken place to remove a section of building considered dangerous and the inspector has confirmed that, although having a poor appearance, the remaining structure is not considered to be in a dangerous condition.

"We have no indication of the timescale for the completion of the works and are not aware of any potential issues in relation to asbestos."