OWNERS of a missing dog have issued a desperate plea for people to come forward if they have seen him.

Homie, a podenco, went missing from his home on Broadwell Drive in Leigh three days after he arrived in the UK from Spain.

His new owners Vivien and Moreno Castellini rescued him from his home country where the dogs are often bred for hunting and then mistreated and killed when they are no longer needed.

Vivien said: “We have contacted everyone we can think of but no one has seen him since last week.

"He is really timid so although he has got a collar with the name Mylo, which we were going to call him, and our contact number on it I doubt anyone would be able to get close enough to read it.

“Hunters do terrible things to these dogs when they don’t need them anymore and we just wanted to give him another chance at life.

"I feel so guilty that we have lost him. I'm not sure how much more we can do but if anyone has seen him, please get in touch."

Homie went missing after he dug his way out of the garden on March 23 and although several sightings of him were reported, the last was on Wednesday.

He also has a Spanish chip but this will not be registered with UK vets.

If you have seen Homie, call Vivien on 01942 571408 or 07435026621.